Monday, May 27, 2013

Kroger Fruit Smoothie Bars

Now that I'm a BzzAgent I get to try all kinds of free products (full size, mind you!), and in return I share my opinions and give reviews. Today's is about the Kroger Fruit Smoothie Bars.  BzzAgent sent me some coupons in the mail, one specifically for me to get a free box of these frozen treats from my local King Soopers.  Once I brought them home, I passed them out to my husband and kids to try, along with one for myself.  My kids thought they were pretty good, but didn't seem overly impressed.  My husband like them so much that he ate another one that night, and again had one last night!  I personally thought they were pretty good, although I'd liked them to have been a little sweeter, and possibly bigger.  We tried the Strawberry Banana flavor.  It really did taste like a strawberry banana yogurt that was frozen on a stick.  There were actual chunks of strawberries and bananas inside.  Pretty good in my opinion, and possibly an occasional item I would purchase when desiring a frozen treat.

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