Thursday, October 10, 2013

Easy Baggie Omlette

Recently my husband was reading a frugal finance book, and it mentioned making omelettes as a budget friendly and healthy meal.  He began to do an internet search for recipes and happened upon one that suggests making omelettes in a baggie.  I must admit that I was VERY skeptical about this method, but tried his finished product and was convinced it was a great idea!  Now mind you, this method is a bit longer than traditional pan frying!  But if you're like me, struggling to get the silly thing to cook evenly and not burn, you'll love this! I would definitely suggest experimenting with time and ingredients to suit your own personal taste, but here's a good starting point that works for us.

1 ziplock-type sandwich baggie
2-6 eggs (depending on your diet!)
Additional ingredients per taste (cheese, chopped deli meat, diced veggies, spices, etc.)

1 - Start a large pot of water, bring to boil.

2 - While you're waiting for water to boil (and since a watched pot never boils!), pull out all your ingredients and seal them into the baggie, trying to remove as much air as possible.  Carefully squish it all up, until the eggs looked "scrambled".

3 - Once pot comes to full boil, add your omelette baggie and cook it at high boil for 15-30 mins, depending on how cooked you want it, and how many ingredients you use. The more ingredients seem to need a little bit more time for cooking.  Best way to check is to carefully press into the omelette and if it doesn't seem to seep any juice, it's most likely done.

4 - Turn off the burner, and remove the baggie with tongs.  Empty the omelette onto a plate, and voila! 

Happy eating!