Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Private Selection Chocolate Molten Upside Down Cake Review

So, recently I signed up for something called BuzzAgent, and although it took awhile to be offered my first campaign, now that I have, I'm loving it!  You get full-size samples to try, and review through avenues like Twitter, Facebook & blogging.  So, here's my first review!

Once I qualified for and received an invite to the PS Upside Down Cake campaign, I was able to immediately download an e-coupon onto my King Soopers "soopercard".  I then went to my local King Soopers, picked out one of three yummy flavors, brought it home, and followed the directions on the box.  Wow!!!  This was extremely delicious!  So thick, and fudgy!  I gave us pretty big portions, and I was personally unable to finish mine because it was so rich and chocolaty.  This is a choco-holics nirvana!!!  A day later, I warmed up another piece for each of us, and a friend, and it was still super yummy, even from the microwave!  Original price in my local store was $9.99, and I would say that it's totally worth every penny I would've spent (remember, I got it free to try!).  You can probably find it in most King Sooper and Kroger grocery stores.

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